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Name: Milton Barnes


Dear Friend,

Linear income, it’s what keeps most of us from having the free time to do things we love, spend time with our friends and family and just plain enjoy time off any time we like. For most of us, linear income keeps us from trying new things and realizing our dreams....

So what exactly is linear income?

Linear income is the type of income where you get paid an X amount of dollars per every hour you work. It’s the most common type of income among average income persons.

What’s wrong with this?

First, working 40 hours a week does not give you a lot of time to commit yourself to something you might want to do. Second, if you want a roof over your head and food on the table you can’t simply stop working because if you have a linear income, you would loose your income as soon as you quit.

Basically, a linear income keeps you working not because you want to but because you have to. I’m sure you would rather be traveling the world, spending time with family and friends, creating something with your hands etc. rather than spending time staring at a computer screen in some office.

So what’s the alternative? Residual Income.

With residual income, you don’t get paid for every hour you work. You only have to set up a residual income once and can get paid every month after that for the rest pf your life.

Basically, you don’t have to keep working in order to keep getting paid. You work once, set up your income and enjoy it for the rest of your life (or how ever long you decide to keep it).

And the absolute best way to set up a residual income (especially if you currently have a full time job) is by investing in real estate! Even if you don’t have a lot of money, time or knowledge real estate investment can provide you with a residual income you need to gain freedom in your life.

The Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate.

 Its easy to understand the concept of real estate investment unlike other types of investments that you need a lot of things to make a profit. A lot of investment opportunities rely on complex algorithms, adstract concepts that can be difficult to understand as a beginner investor.

 When investing in real estate everything is under your control unlike the stock market where the success of stock depends on the corporate success or company management which is out of your control. With real estate you control a lot of things like your physical property and tenants. With the right management of your property, it will improve in value and as a result your wealth will grow.

 Real estate is a hedge against inflation as its one of the very few assets that reacts proportionately to it. When inflation raises, rents and and house values raise as well. With this being said rental properties that are re-leased are especially effective, reason being monthly reants can be increased in inflationary periods.

 Real estate investing can be easily financed (brought with debt) and leveraged, unlike purchasing stock using debt that can be very risky since you are not purchasing a hard asset. Purchasing property with mortgage or hard money can be structured in ways that are rather safe and affordable. The result is the purchasing of hard assets that appreciate in value over the years.

 One of the biggest reason for investing in real estate is the passive cash flow. The on going monthly cash flow with assist you paying all of your bills at the same time having the funds to travel the world and reinvesting in more real estate. The cash flow is stable and very much predictable than other investments.

 When investing in real estate you will receive federal tax benefits since the feds will allow you to depreciate or deduct a portion of the value of your property from your income. When working as a full-time as a real estate professional this can be a great benefit. And rental income is considered passive income as a result is not subjected to self employment taxes.

As you see there are lots of advantages as to why one would want to invest in real estate. When done right real estate investing can be very rewarding and can bring some good profits as well. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes.

Weather you want to learn how to spot profitable property investments or just want to master the art of getting good deals, having the correct information is needed to start your new investment venture.

Without information we would all be floundering in the dark. Knowing where and how to start with profitable property investment will prevent your dream from becoming a disaster, so keep on reading...

Now How Can You Get It All In One Place?

If you want simple, easy read information on investing on real estate and enjoy all the benefits of owning property, all in one place, finally there's now a complete guide to profitable real estate investing.



Real Estate Investing For Beginners

Our Real Estate Investing Ebook

Being smart about real estate can easily bring you in money, especially if you are working with the right market. 

By investing in the right properties and knowing when to turn the property around, you will have the ability to do exactly what you want with the real estate for your financial benefit. 

And you don't have to have a title in order to profit from real estate.  In fact, even if you are not an investor, realtor or someone who has studied the market, you can still profit from real estate. 

All you have to do is know exactly where to find the market at.  By doing this, you will have the chance to put some extra change in your pocket.


With This Real Estate Investing Ebook You Will Discover:

 How you can get out of your expenses and debt, and put yourself in a better position to get a passive income and start enjoying your life!

 11 helpful tips on making your financial life easier (these simple yet extremely powerful tips will change the way you think about money upside-down)

 Everything you need to know about creating a residual income by buying other peoples mortgages.

 What to offer a person when looking to buy a mortgage (you’ll know exactly what to say in order to get most residual income out of your deal)

 Everything you need to know to create a residual income with foreclosures (this is a great way to make a large amount of money in residual income)

 The step-by-step system for picking the best foreclosures (not all foreclosures are “created” equal, this part will teach you exactly how to choose the best ones for you)

 Exactly how to find foreclosure auctions the right way, and get the best possible deals you can. 

 What you NEED to know about making residual income with tax liens.

 Everything you need to know about making money with rental-income (this is a great way to not only keep your real-estate investment grow in value every year but make a passive income as well!)

 How to find a property, and determine if it’s a good investment for you (with this info, you’ll know exactly what you are doing instead of taking a stab in the dark)

 Everything you need to know about making money with real-estate on the internet (buying, selling, investing etc.)

And that is just a small sample of everything you will learn in “Real Estate Investing For Beginners”. There are many different ways to make money, invest and set up residual income with real estate.


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"I'm Confident To Invest In Real Estate"

Dear Sir,

I've always wanted to invest in real estate but didn't know where to begin. I know that investing in real estate can being some good return in investment so I wanted to make sure that I make the right decisions.

Without hesitation I must admit that I have never purchased so much valuable material for so little investment in all the various books that I've purchased over the last few years.

Your ebook supplies so much valuable tips and strategies on how to profit in this industry that I'm so confident that I'll be a successful real estate investor.

Thanks again!

Sannon Glenn


"Your Ebook Helped Me Achieve"

Hi Milton,

Its really being a long time since I've communicated with you, the reason being that I've been busy identifying old houses to buy in expand my real estate business.

I've successful flipped 3 houses now and have made some nice profits from the sells. I'm finding it easy to locate profitable houses to invest in.

I am really happy to admit that the insights from your ebook have substantially helped me in achieving this success.

To your success!

Rudolph  Anderson


"Learning Never Ends"


First I want to admit that I've been an old school type of person, till now I believed in getting training from CD's and seminars. Your ebook was the first product I purchased online and I'm so happy I did.

Your ebook has all the gold information and guidelines in investing in real estate found in those expensive seminars I attended.

I'm always looking for more information to expand my knowledge in real estate investing and your ebook has given me more than I had thought. Its true that learning never ends. 

Keep up the good work!

Georges Peary.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

Making an investment of any kind doesn't just mean handing over an extra set of hundred dollar bills. With every large investment, there are specific rules and processes that are defined in order to ensure that your money will be going to the right place.  If you are investing in real estate, you will want to know what initial investments will be.

So even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, work 40 hours a week and don’t have all the time in the world to start up your own business investing in real-estate can still be something that allows you to have the freedom you’ve always wanted.

 But if you order today you will also get this awesome bonus guide....


Free Bonus #1

Insider Home Selling

How To Sell Your Home For More Cash In Less Time

So many tips are being given on home selling. If only you knew where to begin with!

Some homeowners get confused because they don’t have a big picture of what exactly will happen during the home selling process.

While it may differ from various areas, some general steps sellers should expect are the same.

When selling your home its wise to do some preliminary planning.

Though you may not feel like it, this is the step that kick-start the whole home selling process.

Your house needs to be fully prepared to accept a new owner. If you plan to sell your house and buy another one, always know for a fact that you’re qualified to buy a new one before selling your old home.

My guide "Insider Home Selling" covers everything you need to know on selling your home for maximum profits and get the best value for your property.


Free Bonus #2 

Time Share Profits

How To Invest In Time Shares

With timeshare the use and costs of running the resort are shared among the owners.

While the majority of Timeshare resorts are condominium vacation resorts, developers have applied the timeshare model to houseboats, yachts, campgrounds and motor homes.

Timeshares are interesting concepts, and many people think they're great.

Most timeshare deals allow you to trade for different locations, allowing you to test out new spots without the cost of having to rent a house or hotel room while you're there.

Timeshares are becoming more and more popular, especially in the U.S. They are a great way to get the benefit of owning a condo, without being stuck in only one location and without having to buy the property on your own.

Timeshares are often marketed as investments. The reason they are marketed this way is simple - it's much easier to sell something that sounds like it will make or save you money than something that will cost you a lot of money.

With my guide "Time Share Profits" you will get guidelines on how to effectively invest in time shares.


Free Bonus #3 

Trust Deed Investing

How To Get Started With Trust Deed Investing

Today there are a number of ways in which investors can invest their money.

From the stock market to savings bonds to deeds of trust, there is something for every investor looking for a way to grow their money.

While most investments are made with the same end in mind, the main difference between each investment type are the strategies and the level or risk involved.

However, although there is always some degree of risk involved when making an investment, trust deeds happen to be one of the safest investments available today, because unlike other investments, a trust deed is secured by actual property - homes, buildings and land.

Aside from the security of real property, with a trust deed investment, the other advantage is the investor receives higher than average rates of return.

This is due to the fact that borrowers are willing to pay a
higher interest rate because private investors are flexible with their loans, as they are not limited by traditional rules of bank loans.

With my ebook "Trust Deed Investing" you will learn how to get into trust deed investing and secure your investment.


So, What Can You Do To Get Started?

You can do two things. First, make the decision be break free from your linear income and gain the freedom in your life to do what you’ve always wanted. And second, make a tiny investment in your life right now so you can discover everything you need to get started as soon as possible.

Get your hands on a copy of “Real Estate Investing For Beginners” for only $37!   
That’s right, you can be on your way to investing in real estate and setting up your own residual income just a few minutes from now. All for tiny investment of less than forty bucks.

And the best part is, you get to make your tiny investment 100% risk free! That’s right, I'm giving you a chance to read and implement what's in my guide at my risk..


 My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If in 3 months the guidelines in my ebook don't help you get started in real estate investing simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money.

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If You Serious About Profitable Real Estate
Investing Then This Is Your Guide

Real estate doesn't have to stop at buying a home.  There are several ways to invest, turn the property around and help you to profit.  There is always a market for making extra cash flow through properties.  It will only take understanding the market and knowing how to respond to what is available to you.  


"This Is A Good Investment"

Hi Milton,

I'm replying to your email where you asked me what I thought about your ebook and I what I can tell you for now is that it was an investment.

I've been a forex trader doing currency trading for 5 years and I've made good and bad trades over the years. My success came from me getting the right information and training in the forex markets. This makes me know how important it is to get good training when entering a new industry.

Your ebook has answered all the questions I had in starting in real estate investing. As of now I'm reading your bonus ebook on selling real estate, and so far so good, I'm really learning a lot.

I will send you an email on how things go along in the next weeks when I've identified my markets.

 Have a great day!

Andrew MacArthur


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

It is a fact that these days a lot of people are preaching about the buying and selling is a way of gaining wealth with real estate. There indeed may come a time in your life or business when you will need to hang onto a piece of property, although you'll only be interested in keeping particular sorts of property. This ebook guides you through out the hole process...

Just click on the order button below, and you'll be reading the “Real Estate Investing For Beginners” minutes from now and get all the information you ever need on real estate investment... 

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To Your Success,

Best Regards.

P.S. If you want to stop working 40 hours a week making just enough to afford your monthly expenses, and want the freedom in your life to spend time with family, friends, hobbies and pretty much do what you want. There is no better way for you to achieve that than to set up a residual income for yourself by investing in real estate.

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I understand that this ebook will help me set up a comfortable residual income today through real estate.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following real estate ebooks:

 Real Estate Investing For Beginners- Which is a 19 page ebook that will guide me on investing in real-estate and set up a residual income so I can be financially free!

 Insider Home Selling - Which is a 30 page ebook that will train me how to successfully sell my home in the real estate markets! 

 Time Share Profits - Which is a 24 page ebook that will give me guidelines on how to get into time shares investing and make profits.

 Trust Deed Investing - Which is a 25 page ebook that will guide me on how to get into trust deed investing and secure my investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you require a license to be an investor?

The good news is a real estate license is not required for you to become a successful real estate investor. And it's not a hindrance or detriment if you do have one. You have options, and it's completely up to you as an investor how you want to run, manage and create your real estate investing business.

Can real estate make you rich?

There is no shortcut to make money or get rich quickly in real estate, but you can slowly and steadily build wealth by investing wisely. You would know that there are many different ways to become rich but real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth.

What is the average income of a property investor?

The average real estate investor salary in the USA is $100,000 per year or $51.28 per hour. Entry level positions start at $66,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $200,000 per year.